An Inspiring Career. A Rewarding Business. A Nurturing Family. 

Be the Spark that ignites a change in people’s lives. Work with Purpose. Live each day with significance.


Getting into the life insurance business is like entering a world where you can only help yourself if you help other people. This is a purposeful career that lets you achieve your goals while helping others achieve theirs. Insuring Filipinos and increasing their financial literacy is worthwhile advocacy that will change their lives for the better. Personally, this is why we love what we do. And when you love the work that you do, it’s not work. It’s life.


Being in the life insurance industry means you OWN your business, which means you work where you want, when you want. As your own boss, you decide how to run your business, whether you choose to do it part-time or full-time. Create a timetable that suits your lifestyle and your priorities and achieve the work-life integration that you’ve always wanted. 

Traditional Model

The business owner hires and trains individual agents to work for him.

Our Business Model

Independent business owners, working as a team, can recruit and train other entrepreneurs to work together as a team. Any of them can land a big contract, regardless of background or experience. Since business owners have the same chances for success, they can work together as equals and focus on growing everyone’s business. They can then create a residual, passive income and a business that can scale without limits. Entrepreneurs are acknowledged for their accomplishments with incentives that mark their successes.


As you build your business, you can earn more money while helping more people. Of course, the more work you put in, the more you advance through our ranks, the more perks you receive, and the more money you earn. 

Personal Income.

You earn a commission for every life you insure.

Agency Income

As you grow your business, you can recruit other people to join you. As they insure lives, you earn a portion of their commissions through overrides.

Quarterly Bonus

You and your team can earn bonuses based on production. This multiplies your earnings and rewards you for the quantity and quality of your business.

Travel the World

As you continue securing lives, our partners provide quarterly and annual travel incentives that will allow you to explore the world, experience new cultures and relax from our daily grind.

Awards and Recognition

Get recognized for a job well done. 

Culture of Mentoring and Learning

We pride ourselves in having a MENTORING culture that lets experienced business partners guide you as you build your business. We pride ourselves by being a Home of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) and by having easy access to these great individuals, we can train budding entrepreneurs to reach their full potential in this career.
When you join our team, you will work with COLLEAGUES who share your ambition to build a career that lets you live a life of significance through impactful, transformative, and rewarding work. Each individual brings a different set of skills and talents to the table, and working with them is interesting and educational in itself.

You may be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our regular learning sessions will equip you with all the knowledge and expertise necessary to become happy and successful in this business.

Ready to take the next step and work together?