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Agent’s Corner

Agent's Corner

Rubee Herrera

I feel fulfilled as a financial advisor because I was able to deliver on the promise of this profession. I like that the profession provides me time freedom to juggle my time with my family and my career.

Josephine Loyola

It's a blessing to be in this industry. It's an honor and I am blessed that I have become an instrument to fulfill the aspirations of my clients.

Rochelle Macapagal

I like the culture; everyone is helping each other. It is evident that your actions are directly proportional to your success.

Mitzi Adlus

Being a financial advisor is really a challenging job and yet a noble one. I love how I connect with different kinds of people and making an impact in their lives. Being with Spark Amber and with PRU taught me so much about this industry not only about the basics when it comes to insurance, but also on how to be an excellent financial advisor. My client experiences have taught me so much how I am able to put value into their lives by giving them peace of mind when life's uncertainties happen.

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