An Imperfectly Perfect Christmas

This may not be our idea of a perfect Christmas. But, it sure is the perfect opportunity to make Christmas brighter for others. 2020 has been filled with health, emotional and economic challenges. COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected the entire world. It changed our way of life. But 2020 is also filled with a lot of opportunities to make a significant impact in the lives of others. Here is the message of our branch manager, Jo-An Darlene Chua, in our 1st Virtual Christmas Party.

Challenges this year notwithstanding, Spark Amber is now celebrating the most wonderful time of the year by continuing to provide a positive impact on others. By protecting lives, we secure the future of our fellowmen. By providing light, we make Christmas literally brighter for our fellow Filipinos living in the dark. Join us in 2021 and be the Spark by bringing hope and joy to people and the community around you!

A Happy Holidays from us here at the Spark Amber Life Insurance Agency Inc!