Because she wanted to become more hands-on with the life insurance plans that she and her husband, Josephine Loyola, “Ging” to family and friends, obliged a persistent invitation to become a financial advisor ten years ago. 

During her training to become a financial advisor, Ging understood all the more the importance of a life insurance plan. She couldn’t wait to offer its benefits to family and friends back “home.” 

Home is Masbate, which is at the southernmost tip of Luzon, where Ging and her husband trace their roots. Ging was able to secure plans for her family and closest friends during her twice-a-year trips from Manila. After securing those closest to her, she offered plans as well to their families. One of her best friend’s sisters was one of those new clients. 

Still in her early 30s, the client was inclined to accept Ging’s offer to take out a life insurance plan but was being held back. Her OFW husband had initial misgivings because he heard not-so-pleasant stories about “insurance” from friends at work. Ging learned later on that these dubious insurance companies were not in the life insurance business after all. She returned to Manila securing a number of clients, but not her best friend’s sister. 

But Ging persisted, knowing the benefits a life insurance plan brings. On her next trip to Masbate, Ging again made a proposal to her best friend’s sister. On a hunch, Ging even offered an additional benefit to the proposal — coverage in case a critical illness strikes. The client’s objective for getting the plan was to build up her savings, just like her sister who was able to withdraw funds from her own Pru plan. But as a nurse who has seen what grave impact a critical illness does to her patients, she agreed to getting the additional benefit. 

Little did she know that she herself would contract cervical cancer just a couple of years after getting a plan from Ging. After hearing the bad news, Ging helped client claim for critical illness benefit in mid-March 2020. Within a week and quarantine protocols notwithstanding, the client received the benefit, which aided in her treatment. 

As her client battled with cancer, Ging would do a regular online call with her, praying fervently together for healing. “But God had other plans,” Ging revealed. 

The cancer has already spread and took out the life of the client three short months later. Ging again processed the death claim for her client’s grieving but grateful family. 

“It’s really true what Pru promises,” Ging said. “In times of great need, Pru will not leave you hanging.” 

Ging feels empowered and fulfilled as a financial advisor. She ends her story this way: “I honor God because He led me where I am and that through Pru I became a blessing to somebody else.” 

Dominic Mendoza
Dominic Mendoza

As an author and host, Dominic’s transition from IT into financial services was easy. “I use stories to educate Filipinos about life insurance,” he said. “Stories effectively communicate the importance of life insurance and its tremendous positive impact on clients and their families.”